Seller’s Guide

Looking to Sell?

Services You Will Receive


Market Analysis

We will provide you with a comparative market analysis to enable you to correctly evaluate your home with me. We will arrive at a realistic asking price together.

Property Search

We will obtain from the Land Title’s Office a property search. This is to ensure that any easements, liens, right-of-ways, etc., are disclosed to the new Buyer(s). Full disclosure of these charges is mandatory in this day and age.

Data Sheet

We will prepare the pertinent information about your home regarding age, lot size, property taxes, square footage, room sizes, etc. for entry on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and internet.


A company sign with my name on it will be immediately placed on your property. A “For Sale” Sign is a definite asset in attracting prospective buyers and many properties that sell, are a direct result of this form of advertising.

Professional Photographer

We will contact Stu Salmon, who will call you to set up a time to come in and take pictures of your home – both inside and out. The pictures are created on a disc, we upload them to our websites, as well as they are used to make our popular picture boards. These picture boards hang in three prominent positions in Maple Ridge. At our office location on 224th Street, Haney Place and Valley Fair mall kiosks.


All the Royal LePage realtors in our office receive an email with the information of your newly listed home as well as mark it on our Listings Board. This ensures that everyone at Royal LePage Brookside is working for you to get your home sold as quickly as possible.

Feature Sheet

We will prepare a customized feature sheet on your home, which provides MLS information plus an array of additional data such as age of roof, size of yard, etc. If any improvements such as new flooring, new countertops, will be mentioned here. The sheets are used as brochures of your home and are distributed to the Buyers at Open Houses and Showings.

Internet (,,,,

We will make sure that your property appears almost immediately on the Internet. Any enquires from this source will be directed to us.

RealtyLink Paper

Another well used publication for anyone interested in the Real Estate market. It will remain in this paper for the term of the listing.

Office Tour

Every Tuesday, any new listings from the office will automatically be on office tour. About 30-40 realtors will come through your home, usually between 10-12 Noon. This gives the realtors the first and immediate opportunity to consider your home for any of the Buyers they are currently working with.

Open Houses

If desired, we will hold an Open House to give the public the opportunity to view your home property.


Sales people from all real estate companies, including mine, will want to show your home. We will ensure that all appointments are arranged through me and that you will have the name of the sales representative with an arrival time.

  • Timing – REALTORS do try their best to be on time, however, it is not always possible, If a buyer’s agent has lined up a number of homes for his client, sometimes will run either a bit early or late. Try to be patient.
  • 2nd Showings – An interested buyer(s) that has already seen your home will often come back for a more thorough inspection. These are the most important appointments, but not always, can result in an offer. Try not to be home so the buyer(s) feels undisturbed as he/she view your home.
  • Pet – Most people love pets but they don’t want to be sniffed, jumped on or barked at. Keep your pet either in a room, in a kennel or with you. Even if your pet is friendly, some people have pet allergies so try to keep them at a distance.


We will follow up on all showing to establish interest and to elicit any feedback from the showing REALTOR.


We will contact you on a regular basis to keep your informed on what is transpiring. We will record who showed your home, when, and any buyer(s) or REALTOR comments. We are available to you 24 hours a day.


Sometimes you will have those looky lous that will see the “For Sale” sign and knock on your door and will want to view your home. Firmly say no and request that they contact your REALTOR for an appointment.


Put all expensive jewelry and valuables away. Although there isn’t a high risk of theft, there is always a possibility especially when you have an “Open House”.

Offer On My Home — What’s Next?

Who you will use for transaction, notary or lawyer. We have names of several very reputable firms that can assist you in this matter. Please let us know.

Make A Offer On Your New Home

If you have not already found a new home, now is the time. We will take you out house shopping, where we show you the homes that match your needs and criteria. Once we find that perfect home, we will put together an offer to purchase and get it accepted.

Home Inspection Of Your New Home

It would benefit to you to have a professional inspector go through your new home and do an inspection. He can make you aware of any existing problems as well as anu upcoming maintenance that you should plan for. We can provide several good inspection companies for you.

Deposit Cheque From Your Bank

This will be necessary within 24 hours of the removal of all the ‘subjects’ on your purchase. You should have this pre-arranged with your bank so it is a simple procedure when it is time to complete.

Call any service providers you have and advise them of your new address approximately 3-4 weeks before your moving day. Here’s a few below to remember:

Telus, BC Hydro, Teresen Gas, Shaw Cable or Satellite company, Post office, Banks and Credit cards, Garbage pick up, Schools, Doctor and Dentist.

House Insurance

The new owner will be responsible for Insurance on the house beginning at midnight on Completion Day.

Moving Day

If you are renting a truck, do not leave it to the last minute. Also remember you will need to give vacant possession of your home to the new Buyer(s) on the Possession date. You should leave your home in clean condition, including your appliances, carpets and bathrooms. If you do not wish to take care of this yourself we can provide you with a few names of a good cleaning company.

Remember to give us the keys for the old house so we can provide them to the new owner.

Your New Home

We will have the keys to your new home and will meet you there on your POSSESSION day.


Relax.. We are always here to help you, please do call us if you have any problems throughout the day, we will do our best to accommodate you.

We work hard to satisfy our clients so please give us feedback of any kind. A well informed client is a happy client, that’s our personal commitment.